Search and Response Handling

We set out to identify good quality potential candidates whose experience and qualifications match your requirements as set out in your person specification and the briefing that you give us.

It’s a qualitative exercise rather than just a numbers game – we expect to be judged on the appointment that you make and the number of search candidates on your short list rather than by the raw number of CVs generated.

The methodology for the search may vary according to the needs of your specific project or according to the organisations that we have agreed to target.

Academics often respond best to email.

Many people in the private sector use Linked-In

Sometimes staff will be at their desks to answer a phone call.

We find our candidates through web sites, networking (ours and theirs) Google search, CV databases and personal recommendation as well as our own lists of contacts from previous assignments.

We also try to keep in mind a realistic idea of where candidates are likely to relocate to and from for particular jobs and salary levels, and we stay in touch with immigration and work permit rules and practice for the UK and for Ireland.