Queen’s University, Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast – Appointment of RAEng / Bombardier Research Professor in Aerospace Composites. (Autumn 2009).

Based largely on our success on behalf of Cranfield University earlier in the year, we were commissioned to generate candidates for Queen’s University to apply for a prestigious research Chair that is an important part of the University’s relationship with Bombardier. The project was successful and the University was pleased with the contribution that we made to a strong short list of candidates.

The work began from a list of potentially suitable candidates that we generated from our experience earlier in the year at Cranfield, and was supplemented by other names provided by the University of people they were keen to see as applicants. This list of potential candidates was developed further through original research using contacts within the university sector and the commercial world.

Over 50 candidates were identified as being potentially suitable and were contacted – although this is a qualitative exercise rather than a numbers game – within UK, USA and European Universities (Germany, Denmark, France and Spain) and commercial sector organisations such as Eirecomposites, Airbus, Qinetiq and BAe Systems. The “hook” for candidates was the relationship with Bombardier and the opportunity to work alongside the company as well as the University’s facilities and strong reputation for research in this area.

This project was handled slightly differently in that all applications had to me made via the university on-line application system and had to be received whilst that system was live for the vacancy.